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Chippewa Hills :: Track & Cross Country


“I have ran cross country since fifth grade and track since seventh grade. I became serious about them once I started high school.”


“I love how hard my sport is. You can be talented, but you won’t be successful unless you work your tail off. I definitely wasn’t born with a runners body or an amazing cardiovascular system, but I worked so hard endlessly, and could thrive because of it. Running is a sport that truly can say hard work pays off. It’s not about how coordinated you are or how well you can catch/ throw a ball; it’s about your drive and dedication. Running is also a lifelong sport, so it’s something I’ll stick with for the rest of my life.”


“I have two really happy and proud memories from running that stick out to me. My sophomore year in cross country, my team qualified for states. We had wanted it so bad for so long, and we knew what we had to do, and we did it. The whole summer before our season that was engraved in our minds and we worked.. like really worked. The season started and we had that pushing and motivating us the whole season. We knew what our end goal was. As soon as we heard them announce our team name at regionals, we knew we had done it. And it was the best feeling in the world.”


“Another amazing moment was when my 4×800 meter relay qualified for individual states this year. Going into the regional meet (track), our team already knew that we were going to team states, but I had never individually qualified before. Our relay had looked the night before, and found out that we weren’t too far from the qualitying time. The competition was tough, and we knew that our chances of winning were slim. If we didn’t place first or second, we could still qualify by time. Our goal was just to make it out somehow. Once the race started, everybody could tell that we were going for it. We were out for blood. When I got the baton, all I could think about was “I’ve gotta do this for my girls, I’ve gotta do this for my girls.” As our anchor was finishing we were cheering harder than we ever had before. My coach came up to us and was yelling at our anchor, Dezi, as she was finishing up that “you’re gonna make it! You’re gonna make it!” As soon as she crossed the line, he told us the time he got on his stopwatch. It was 3 seconds faster than we had to run and we completely crushed our PR. We ran up to her hugging and screaming and it made the rest of regionals great.”


What did you think about your Sportrait Session with us?

“I loved it! I’m not all too photogenic so I’m glad you had great ideas! And I appreciated that you let me do what my mom and I wanted. It was a great experience and I would recommend you guys to everybody! Besides, you put up with me the day I got back from a camp, and that’s asking a lot!”


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